Jimmy Gitonga

Mr Wanjohi is doing well. As you are aware, we set off for Hyderabad and arrived in the middle of the summer heat. Fortunately, electricity is cheap in India and airconditioning is found everywhere. Next day, Saturday the 29th, they began the tests. Those ended on Tuesday. One impressive thing, the doctors have a “kamukunji” with the patient’s attending doctor or surgeon in our case.

Once they are comfortable with the direction of treatment, the treatment begins. “Dad underwent surgery on Thursday, 4th June, went into post-surgery ICU where I would take to him through a camera. He went to their Mini ICU (HDU for us) and be Tuesday he was back in the private room to begin recuperation. As we waited for recovery to the doctor’s satisfaction, dad would be seen by 3 different doctors every day. The surgeon, the duty doctor and the nutritionist. The biopsy report came out on the 15th June and the resident oncologist looked at it and on Wednesday last week gave a report that we all had prayed for.

Dad was discharged on discharge with no need for chemotherapy with only vitamins and diet supplement medicines. We flew back on Thursday, arrived in Nairobi at 9.02 pm. Nairobi’s cool breeze in the evening was very welcome.

‘All I can say is thank you and if you need help from me in terms of information on what one needs to go at least to Hyderabad, I will always be available to give it.’

With the best regards,

Jimmy Gitonga

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