Cancer Care

Cancer Screening Programs

To bring about early detection of Cancer, screening programs have been devised by Pathway International at our partner hospitals. These programs are meant as routine check-up to detect cancer and its prevention at an initial stage in an asymptomatic apparently healthy population. The screening is advocated for cancer of breast, cervix, colorectal, prostate etc.

Multimodality approach

The cancer treatment is no longer in the realms of single discipline and is now multi-modular in nature wherein the oncologist from disciplines of surgical, medical & radiatiotherapy use their experience and expertise to decide the line of treatment. The latest technological advances in radiology and imaging in the form of MRI, CT, PET Scan back the team.
Our partners use a tumor board, which comprises of specialists from all various disciplines including, medical oncology, surgical oncology, pediatric oncology, gynecology, urology and radiotherapy meet twice a week to decide on the initial line of treatment & review complex cases and cases of early failure to give the best treatment option that is available.

Surgical Oncology

Pathway International uses the most highly trained and motivated surgical oncologists skillfully perform complex tumor removals. Dedicated state-of-art modular operating theatres, recovery and ICU staff ably supports them across the sepcrtums of our top cancer care providers.
We strive to work with hospitals and doctors who offer the highest success rate in oncology surgeries with outcomes at par with those around the globe. Specialized surgeries like skull base, commando, liver resection, micro-vascular reconstructions of flaps, extensive resection of hepatic and lung tumors, limb conserving surgery in bone tumors, laparoscopic surgery in staging and diagnosis, radiofrequency ablation and the like are performed with high success rates.

Radiation Oncology

As one of the most advanced cancer treatment options available, NovalisTx radiosurgery & radiotherapy is changing the face of cancer treatment, and has already helped numerou patients who have come through Pathway International to continue to work, spend time with family and friends and take part in their favorite activities, while fighting cancer with full force. Our hopsital partners are equipped with state-of-art technology with the latest linear accelerator, IMRT, IGRT, SRS.
Another linear accelerator is the Cyber-Knife for malignant brain tumors andarteriov-enous malformations. 21 EX Clinac (Varian) with multi-leaf collimeteris also available for highly precise treatment.

The Blood & Marrow Transplant

We have selected the most successful blood and marrow transplant units based on quality outcomes and that offer allogenic and autologous blood and bone marrow transplant to children and adults with malignant and non-malignant conditions. The diseases that are routinely treated are leukemia, lymphomas, neuroblastomas, thalassemia, aplastic anemia and other immune deficiency and storage disorders. Doctors can refer patients to access HEPA-filtered laminar airflow unit and state of the art stem cell processing unit backed by excellent laboratory services.

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