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Connecting you to the right doctor and right treatment

We work with patients and their families to provide them with medical options to ensure patients make the most informed decision about their health. All considerations and patient interest are at the forefront of all we do, we consider availability of medical treatment, experience of doctors, medical outcomes and success rates, distance to travel, geography and costs.

We give our patients choices by providing truly global healthcare solutions wherever in the world they are and wherever they need to go for medical care.

We also provide Global Second Opinion services, for our patients who want a global perspective to their condition.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact PATHWAY INTERNATIONAL. Your relationship manager responds within 24 hours.

Step 2

Your Relationship manager meets with you and understands your needs and requirements. All relevant medical documents and images are collected and forwarded to the relevant and best doctors depending on the condition

Step 3

Doctor and Hospital Options provided and a decision is made on best option for the patient. Opportunity to speak with the your selected doctor provided to understand the procedure or treatment recommended

Step 5

Depart for treatment and upon arrival, you are met by a Relationship manager and then transferred to your hospital for check-in and appointment

Step 7

Tourism option: Stay for sightseeing of the environs or depart home.

Step 4

We book an appointment with doctor/hospital and Make Travel Arrangements: Air tickets, accommodation and transfers. Pathway International assistance services also provided

Step 6

Undergo the procedure/treatment and recover at the hospital with your Relationship manager 24 hour support provided

Step 8

Connection back to the local physician and transfer of medical records for continuing care.


*Flights, accommodation, transfers, hospitalization and processing are handled by Pathway International for the patient and any person traveling with the patient

Our Destinations


India | Malaysia| Thailand


Kenya | South Africa | Ethopia


UK | France | Germany


United States | Canada

Middle East

United Arab Emirates

Global Second Opinion Services

If the treatment you receive does not help, keep looking for the right solution everywhere you can until it is found. That is especially true if your diagnosis is inconclusive.

We at Pathway International understand this need for confidence in the diagnosis and treatment, and that’s why we developed a service called “Global Second Opinion”. We have established working relations with best experts around the globe in almost every medical field. This service is at your disposal no matter where you are or what language  you speak. After receiving your medical information, we will obtain the second opinion from experts of your choice and deliver it to you. There had been many cases when the diagnosis was confirmed, but also it is not rare to discover that the verdict is lifted and turns out to be mistaken.

Additional advantage is the fact that even if diagnosis turns out to be correct, you often discover a different treatment approach, which can be used by your local doctor or set your mind to travel overseas to receive the treatment described.

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