World Meningitis Day: 24th of April 2019

The theme for World Meningitis Day 2019 is Life After Meningitis. The campaign will focus on the after effects of meningitis, whether that is bereavement after losing someone to meningitis or managing a wide range of consequences #AfterMeningitis. 

The key messages of the 2019 campaign are:

       Meningitis and septicaemia can strike in a matter of hours but the after effects can last a lifetime.

  • After effects can be life-changing and may include: memory loss, deafness, loss of sight, epilepsy, paralysis, limb loss, organ damage, and brain damage.
  • Those who lose a loved one to the disease have their lives changed forever.

       Vaccinations are key to meningitis prevention.

  • There is more than one vaccine that can help prevent meningitis.
  • Speak to your local healthcare provider to learn which vaccines are available.

       Meningitis can kill in 24 hours, so recognising the symptoms and acting fast is crucial.

  • If you suspect meningitis, seek medical attention immediately.

       Meningitis currently affects more than 2.8 million people each year globally.

  • Anyone of any age can be affected by meningitis. Infants, young children, teens and older people are at greater risk.

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