Pathway International was created to assist doctors’ access the appropriate training to grow individually and ultimately grow national interests. It also ensures doctors have a trusted and seamless system for patient referrals (inbound and outbound) with patient safety and medical outcomes at the center of all medical travel decisions. Doctors also have an opportunity to access international providers for Second Opinion Services. Ultimately we assist doctors’ access global healthcare solutions to improve delivery of healthcare

Join our Panel

For doctors wishing to join our growing list of specialists, kindly send your CV including your contact details and our medical team will be in touch. Our medical panel boasts some of the top doctors locally and Internationally We refer patients who need treatment locally to our doctors, thereby ensuring your numbers increase and your practice grows.

Refer a Patient

Pathway International works with doctors for referrals and ensures the patients always come back for review to you. We create a hassle free system that leaves the doctor only focused on treatment. Pathway International takes care of all the logistics involved such as visa assistance and airport transfers. One of the pillars of Pathway International is continuing care, meaning once treatment is completed abroad, we enable any subsequent consultations that the patient, or you as the treating doctor, might need to ensure continuous support.

Training Opportunities

We focus on developing and training local doctors to stay in tandem with the ever -changing medical advances –

Please get in touch if you are interested in long term or short term training opportunities:

  • Observer-ships
  • Fellowships

Support and Continuing Care

Pathway International is trusted by doctors and patients because of our open communication and transparency.

  • Before travel, Pathway International coordinates all communication between local doctor and International Doctor
  • Pathway International provides regular updates to doctors on patient progress and treatment
  • Once patient returns, Pathway International ensures all medical records are transferred for continuing care and keeps the lines of communication open between the local and International doctors

Compassionate Care meets International Standards

We are committed to providing compassionate care with our health care providers.

  • Pathway International selects hospital partners based on a rigorous, quality-control process that provides excellence, value and geographical variety.
  • Our care managers walk with our patient throughout the whole journey; providing a hand holding experiences throughout the medical journey.
  • Pathway International ensures and respects patient/ doctor confidentiality, our team of medical specialists handles all patient records with utmost confidentiality.


Kindly send your CV to and your area of specialization and our medical team shall get in touch. Also send any patient referrals to Philip.

To contact Philip directly, call +254 716 233452

Questions? Call +254 733 994368 / 733 994368 or E-mail

Pathway International: providing Global Healthcare Solutions.

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