Hair Transplant for Men and Women

Have you been wondering if you can get your lost hair back?

We would like you to know that it is possible to recover your lost hair and gain back your confidence in your looks. First, let’s demystify this procedure and understand what is meant by hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a procedure in which a plastic or dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.

Hair transplants typically occur in a medical office under local anesthesia.

Pattern baldness is responsible for the majority of hair loss. This comes down to genetics. The remaining cases are due to a variety of factors, including:

  • diet
  • stress
  • illness
  • hormonal imbalance
  • medications

Are there different types of hair transplants?

There are two types of transplant procedures: slit grafts and micrografts.

Slit grafts contain 4 to 10 hairs per graft. Micrografts contain 1 to 2 hairs per graft, depending on the amount of coverage needed.

Women hair transplant

Hair transplant before and after Image

Who might benefit from a hair transplant?

Receiving a hair transplant can improve your appearance and self-confidence. Good candidates for a hair transplant include:

  • men with male pattern baldness
  • women with thinning hair
  • anyone who has lost some hair from a burn or scalp injury

Hair replacement isn’t a good option for:

  • women with a widespread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp
  • people who don’t have enough “donor” hair sites from which to remove hair for transplant
  • people who form keloid scars (thick, fibrous scars) after injury or surgery
  • people whose hair loss is due to medication such as chemotherapy

Where Can I do the Hair Transplant?

The Hair Transplant is available in Trichology Centers around the world.

The hair transplantation procedure usually takes around 6 hours (plus/minus 90 minutes, depending on the number of grafts to be extracted & planted)

Total stay for medical travel and hair transplant procedure is ideally 3 days for instance:

Hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey:

Usually, the following steps/stages are applied;

1st day – Arrival of the patient to Istanbul, transfer from airport to hotel is free day/night.

2nd day – Transfer from hotel to the clinic early in the morning. Blood tests, doctor’s examination and the operation begins. However, if the patient has some unfit conditions like hypertension or diabetes, the operation may be postponed.

The operation takes place in a very comfortable environment. The patient gets slightly sedated and can even sleep or watch TV, listen to music, etc. A team of 3 or 4 medical technicians and nurses extract hair grafts from a donor area of his own scalp. Then they plant these grafts into the bald are on his scalp. This is a long-lasting painless procedure. It is all handmade, so it requires the skills and experience of the team.

The patient is transferred to the hotel after the operation.

3rd day – The patient comes back to the clinic from the hotel for follow up and washing the hair. This is important to teach the patient about how he is going to wash his hair himself on the following days.

The patient can fly back home after this last step. Some patients take a late afternoon or evening flight for return. Or alternatively, the patient stays one more night in Turkey and flies back the next day. They say it is better to wash the hair on the 4th day if possible. But it is not a must. The results will not change dramatically. But if it is possible, they suggest to keep the patient one more day and offer a city tour, etc.

Approximate costs for hair transplantation are between €1000 to €15000 per operation (depending on the size of the bald area on the scalp and the number of grafts to be picked/planted)

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